Skilled professionals work their magic, releasing stress and tension from your body. Ask us about our massage packages!

Aromatherapy Enhancement- Additional $10 on any massage service

Head, Neck, and Shoulder $45- 30 minutes
A massage designed to address these areas specifically. An excellent way to be introduced to a massage.

Anti-Stress Back Treatment $55- 45 minutes
A treatment designed exclusively for the back. Essential oils provide immediate relief and provide anti-fatigue, anti-stress treatment.

Swedish Massage $80- 1 hour
A treatment that promotes relaxation by stimulating and soothing the nervous system. The long gliding strokes increase blood circulation and aid in reducing emotional stress.

Deep Tissue $90- 1 hour
This treatment focuses on the deepest layer of muscle. Specific areas are targeted with greater pressure than a Swedish massage. Deep tissue massage induces relaxation by soothing sore muscles and relieving muscular stiffness and tension. 

Hot Stone Massage $115- 1 hour 15 minutes
A massage that utilizes smooth heated basalt lava stones. The heat and pressure of the stones relax and stimulate muscles, delivering relief from stiffness and stress.

Prenatal Massage $90- 1 hour
Designed to ease the stresses of child bearing and relax expectant mothers. Incorporating techniques to reduces edema, backaches and exhaustion through all stages of pregnancy.

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